pecha kucha night VOL 2 Aleppo أمسية البتشا كوتشا الثانية الحلبية 27-2-2011

pecha kucha night VOL 2 Aleppo أمسية البتشا كوتشا الثانية الحلبية 27-2-2011





Khalid Eid / Damascus [photographer] One of the few

Shahan Jebejian [architect] "Conceptual Design……No Matter The Scale"

Samer Tarabichi / Paris [photographer] point of view

Mays Domat / Damascus [web designer] Graphic & Web design

Nouh Ammar Hammami [photographer] family friends and me

Carlos Jose Bourdjian [photographer] photo scissoring

Franziska Laue [architect] positioning in the architectural design


Muhannad Sarmini [photographer] Behind pixels of light

Mher Darakjian [architecture student] university project

Adam Kurdy [painter] me and the other

Donatella Della Ratta / Damascus-Rome [CC Arab world manager creative commons



From  Pecha Kucha Aleppo :     

                                                Good people, good ideas


Dear friends,
Thank you all for the great show you did yesterday. Each one of you
was amazing and wonderful in her/his own way. We are proud to know
creative and active people like you.

Khalid, what can we say.. your presentation was like a quick and
immediate dive from the real world into the PechaKucha. You’re BIG
man, really, thank you 🙂
Shahan, your presentation about your architectural projects was very
amusing. It’s always good to know about different domains from its
professionals, a big thank you!
Samer, you simply rocked there yesterday! as Angelique said, it was
definitely worth coming all the way from Paris to Aleppo!
Mays, who could tell that the quiet girl with the Monalisa smile does
the most beautiful and catchy websites in the country 🙂 Thanks a lot!
Nouh, oh Nouh, you are always unpredictable.. No one expected this! It
was very deep and funny and amusing at the same time. Thank you!
Carlos, your presentation speak about quality, taste, art, humanity,
creativity and yet so many wonderful things.. Thank you so much dear!
Franziska, you make architecture sound more fun and interesting
indeed! Your presentation was educational, precise and very creative!
big thanks to you 🙂
Adam, our sole painter, you brought a different taste and color to the
evening. Great ideas indeed. Thank you so much!
Mher, till you graduate, I hope I’ll have enough money so you can
build that ‘runaway’ building for me 🙂 Thanks a lot man!
Muhannad, the next doctor! Amazing photos, very interesting comments,
what else do we need for an amazing PechaKucha presentation.. thank
you 🙂
Donatella, you definitely added a big value to our evening with your
wonderful ideas, a very attractive presentation. Thank you very much

Good people talking about good ideas.. what else do we need? Perhaps
Another PechaKucha Night? :))

Thank you all dear friends. It was a pleasure to know each one of you.
We will keep in touch

Many thanks and best regards,
   Harout, Angelique and Peno                                                    


thank you 4 of you (Harout, Angelique and Peno)

and thank’s to Geothe institut

 …and to every one was present



 واليكم صور الأمسية….